Types of Metal Roofing Materials

Types of Metal Roofing Materials

When it comes to the structural component of your roof, there are many alternatives out there in the market. We are not talking about any metal, but a variety of options to pick from. All these metals have their benefits. Besides different roofing styles, you can prefer to pick the roofing material that suits your needs. Let’s check out the types of metal that are available.

Types of Metal Roofing Materials

1. Aluminum– Most Cost-effective Metal

Aluminum is one of the most common metal roof components, used as the primary choice when it comes to residential buildings. It is very lightweight and durable. If you need a cost-effective metal to cover the top of your house, then be it aluminum. The strength of aluminum compared to the weight ratio is commendable. The good thing about aluminum is that it is energy efficient. It reflects light and emits heat to keep the housing cool.

We are talking about a malleable material, therefore aluminum can be easily shaped for roofing needs. This metal has better longevity as well as sustainability. If you think that metal roofs like aluminum can be on the noisy side then you are wrong. It can withstand mild hailstorms, rain, or snow and dampen the sound effect.


– Recycled content (90-95)%

– Energy-efficient

– Lightweight 

– Durable

– Lower long term cost


– Not suitable for extreme weather like a hailstorm

– Not grade A fire

-resistant, but can be managed with proper underlying sheets

2. Stone-Coated– Striking Outlook Metal

Who doesn’t want a good-looking home exterior? The same goes for roofing, anyone would love to have a striking outlook. This is where stone-coated metal roofs come to the rescue. It is something that is metal but has the attractive appearance of shingles and tiles.

There are a few drawbacks of stone-coated planes but these can be easily fixed. As these items are bonded with external stone granules on the surface, there are instances when the bonding agent will deteriorate and the stone granules will flake off.

Don’t worry, in this case, Roofers Birmingham Al will have you covered and provide repair service. It is a bit more expensive than orthodox steel or aluminum. But in general, it is a feasible option to decorate the top of your home. 


– Has strong interlocking panels

– Stone reflects the UV and keeps the house cool

– Lighter than asphalt roofing materials

– Attractive outlook

– Lasts longer


– Stone granules may wear due to harsh weather

– Expensive than regular aluminum roofs

– Might require frequent repair on the surface

3. Galvalume Steel– Most Corrosion-Resistant Metal

Galvalume steel is something that emulates galvanized steel. It is best for rustic projects, office accents, modern houses, and such. What is it made of? Well, Galvalume is made of zinc and aluminum coatings. Having two kinds of metal coating on the surface makes galvalume more corrosion resistant. As it can withstand rust better than galvanized steel, it will last longer than its counterpart as well.

The good thing about this roofing option is that it is very durable and can overtake the lifespan of asphalt roofs. Galvalume is mostly painted to give out a shiny look to it. Exposed metal bits are prone to damages. We won’t say that it is indestructible, as it will corrode with time, but that is a far-fetched thought because the galvalume is very durable and long-lasting compared to other roofing options.


– Comes with 25 years warranty, more than galvanized steel

– High corrosion-resistant ability

– Stylish outlook, suitable for modern homes and offices

– Can withstand high temperature

– Has smoother spangle with uniform design


– Cant resist scratches 

– Limited profiling options

– Expensive than galvanized steel

4. Galvanized Steel– Most Roof Profiles Adaptability

When it comes to reinforcement, galvanized steel has been widely used by the majority. The advantage of galvanized steel is that it can be adapted into a wide range of roof profiles. Let us remind you that Galvanised steel is not Galvalume metal. They are different and have different properties.

Both are capable of producing eye-catching outcomes and much-needed strength to hold on to the top for years to come. It is the coating that separates these metals. Galvanized steel has a zinc oxide coating on the top. A potent substance that slows the oxidation process and makes it long-lasting. Galvanized steel can resist scratches and hold the paint better. This metal option is mostly used in residential projects.


– Suitable for residential buildings

– Offers corrosion protection

– Decent lifespan

– Durable

– Low-cost option


– Should not be used in coastal areas, with fluctuating weather

– Fitting galvanized steel can be a hard work

5. Copper– Most Long-Lasting Metal

Let’s talk about the most expensive metal roofing option out there. Copper it is. Copper is very attractive and has a lavishing feel to it. You might have observed copper materials of churches and historic households. That doesn’t mean you are not allowed to use copper; many people use it in their residential projects. As covering the whole roof would be a hefty sum, most people tend to use copper on the dormers and accents of the window.

Copper material should not be mixed and matched with other elements like aluminum or others. There is a chance of deterioration sooner than later if you do so. When exposed to air over time copper will form verdigris on the surface, something that gives value to copper and protects the surface from rust and corrosion. Being malleable copper can be worked out easily and has a long-lasting durable property to it.


– Eye-catching, lavishing look

– Very durable and strong

– Withstands fire, mildew, and corrosion

– Oxidises pleasantly rather than rusting

– Lasts longer than most metals

– Working with copper materials is easy

– Lightweight 


– Expensive

– Will stain other materials if used in tandem 

– Natural oxidation and patina will form slowly over time

Other Exotic Materials

What we described above are some of the most used metal roofing materials out there. There are many other alternatives when it comes to embellishing the roof. You must be knowledgeable enough to know which component fits where and how it works in terms of strength, durability, and longevity. Exotic materials are tailored by the customization of different metals and are mostly recommended by architects and designers. Let’s check out some variations of metals.

6. Titanium

For demanding performance and long-lasting protection, titanium is a fine choice. Titanium has a low thermal conductivity thus keeping the hosing cool at all times. It is energy efficient but one disadvantage is that it is reactive. 

7. Terne Coated Stainless Steel

Terne coated means the layering of zinc and tin on the surface. It is one of the most durable and long-lasting materials out there. It is an alternative to lead roofs. It can be laid out as desired and painted accordingly giving better protection. 

8. Rolled Zinc

Most homeowners prefer rolled zinc because of its flexible characteristic and beautiful finish. Zinc has a 100 years lifespan thus you can rest assured that rolled zinc roofing will last you decades and decades to come. Zinc is preferably a standing seam roofing material and is loved by professionals.

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