Styles of Metal Roofing for Homes

Styles of Metal Roofing

If you have decided to acquire metal roofing for your residential building, then you have made a wise choice. Metal roofs are one of the most diverse housing options and come with various styles and types to choose from. If you have thought that metal roofs are just plain and simple then you are wrong. To your rescue, Roofers Birmingham is here for you. We provide all kinds of roofing solutions, that also includes metal roofing.

Roofers Birmingham offers a wide array of roofing styles to pick from. You can now adorn your home according to your preference. If you are looking to dig styles of metal roofing for homes, then look no further.

Styles of Metal Roofing for Home 

Now that you know about the different types of metals. It is time to know how it can be used artistically. In roofing terms, we call it ‘profile’. These components can be shaped into different styles of metal roofing for homes. Such as- 

1. Standing Seam Metal Roof– Most Commonly Used Metal Roof

Standing seam roofs have been acknowledged by many roof builders and homeowners around the world. The interlocking seams with connecting panels are what makes standing seams arresting to the eye. Roofers Birmingham provides a diverse range of standing seam options for their clients.

Standing seam profile comes in different styles, through fastened and clip-fastened. The second one, clip fastened seams is the most commonly used option. Standing seam profiles use galvanized steel or galvalume metal for the majority of the cases. Aluminum metal is also used for orthodox residential outlines.

Standing Seam Metal Roof

Standing seam comes with different flashing designs to lure the water away. To accommodate the structure/ angles and all, the contractor has to custom design the flashings on the standing seam. Roofers Birmingham is a renowned roofing contractor for all kinds of roof needs.

2. Shake Metal Roof– Most Lightweight Roof

Metal shakes are capable of withstanding heavy winds and are very easy to install as well. It provides decent strength to the housing structure overall. Metal shakes can resist fire at will and will also keep the infestation at bay. It gives an elegant look to your home and protects it from different hazards.

Metal shakes can be made of stone-coated steel, galvanized steel, and such. We recommend this roofing style to those who are looking for lightweight options that are easy to install. Unlike sheet roofing, metal shakes are better in terms of dealing with weather changes.

Shake Metal Roof

The disadvantages of shake roofing are that it can be noisy, transfers heat, dents over time, and is costly. To resist all these, make sure to use layers of insulation or rigid sheathing. 

3. Shingle Metal Roof– Most Popular Roof

It is a fact that Shingles make your roofs more attractive. These are suitable for pitched roof design. Also termed as tile strips, shingles are placed in overlapping patterns one over another from bottom to the top.

Shingles come in different shapes and sizes. Made of wood, slate, and metals, shingles are becoming more popular day by day, the go-to profile for roof jobs. Our materials are highly durable and will live for decades without repair.

Shingles Metal Roof

Shingles are cost-effective compared to tiles and slate roofing. It also has decent longevity. We assure you that shingle roofs are as durable as other variants we talked about. It’s all about the proper installation, meeting safety standards. Roofers Birmingham is an adept contractor who provides shingle installation at a low cost.

4. Tile Metal Roof– Most Durable Roof

Tile roofs are expensive ones compared to asphalt roofs. The advantage of tile is that it can last for about 50 years without or little maintenance. Roof tiles are extremely versatile and have variations of colors and models. Instead of having a plain roofing surface, people prefer tiles over anything. It enhances the look of the housing in many ways.

Tile roofs come in different materials like clay tiles, which are extremely durable but expensive, and cracks in low temp. Concrete tiles are safe for the environment as they are reusable and recyclable. This type can withstand closer temperatures better than clay tiles.

Tile Metal Roof

Slate tiles are durable and last through harsh weather without maintenance. Metal tiles are the best alternative if you want to save your budget. It is eco-friendly, energy-efficient, and very lightweight as well. The only disadvantage is it can corrode over time, but it won’t crack like regular tile materials.

5. Slate Metal Roof– Wind Resistant & Rust-Free Roof

There are natural slates and then there are metal slate options as well. Metal slate roofs are made with interlocking aluminum panels. Orthodox slate roofs are very expensive and are on the heavy side. On the other hand, slate metal roofs are cost-effective and provide a decent outlook and performance.

The advantage of slate roofing is that it is wind resistant and completely rust-free. Made of recycled aluminum slate rocks come with a lifetime warranty, thus you can enjoy the service without having to repair it sooner.

Slate Metal Roof

To match the look of natural slate, metal slate rocks come in different colors matching styles. People who want the design of slate panels can go for metal slate as an alternative to save expenses.

6. Sheet Metal Roof- Most Cost-Effective Roof

Sheet roofing uses galvanized steel or galvalume materials. It is one of the most cost-effective roof profiles you will get. Mostly used to overtop the existing roof for better protection. It might not look like a high-end product but in recent times, sheet roofing has been gaining popularity all over the world.

There are different types of sheets available for constructing roofs. Polycarbonate sheets are used on mass residential housings. Corrugated roofing sheets are used on agricultural buildings and they have wavy patterns on the surface. Then comes the metal sheets. This is a little less curvy option made of zinc, tin, aluminum, copper, and such components.

Sheet Metal Roof

This type of profile has great insulating property and is used on household cladding, industrial roofs, and home garages. If you prefer an inexpensive roof job, you can opt for sheet roofing. It will save you money and will last many years.

Get Ready to Make the Switch to Metal Roofing

Technology is advancing so are the ways of lifestyle. Nowadays buildings are crafted to look superior and have better longevity. Metal roofs are getting the accolade it deserves over the years. The inclusion of ranging styles of metal roofing for homes is luring more people to select metal over any other materials. With all the positives stacked up in its favor, there is no wiser alternative to metal roofs.

So what’s stopping you from switching to metal roofing? The roof is your ultimate shelter and you must make sure it is made of top-notch materials and assembled by masters in the business.

We Roofers Birmingham are one of the best when it comes to roofing job. We offer a free consultation to our clients. We will happily inspect your house and come up with the most fitting style of metal roofing for your home. 

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