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Dealing with roof issues can be a pain in the neck. Fixing the problems by re-roofing or repairs can be a solution but it is not wise when the complication is too severe. Roof replacement offers better protection overall.

Replacement of the roof terminates all the damages by reapplying the old shingles. New shingles are applied systematically to construct the new roof. Complete roof replacement has many advantages over re-roofing. It lasts longer and can protect your house for decades. If you think a replacement is full of hassle and extra cost. Then, let Roofers Birmingham help you with it. We are masters in this craft. 

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Roof Replacement Cost

Working on the very top part of the housing is tricky and needs more labour. Ree roofing and roof replacement all depends on the size and storey of your house. The slope angle also affects the cost.

If your roofing is flat (horizontal) surface, the cost can be curbed. If the surface is slanted and we have to deal with angles, the labour cost can bump up. It’s a fact that replacement will cost you a tad bit more because it’s about removing the old shingles and putting on new ones. Extensive labour cost, deck preparation and installation will cost you money. The larger the roof the more it costs to replace all items. 

Asphalt Shingle Roof, the most common type of roofing, can cost you around $5000 to replace. We are talking about the average cost, it can vary depending on different aspects as we mentioned above.

Architect Shingles can run up to 12000 dollars more or less.

Metal Roofs are costly. For example, Corrugated Metal Roofs can be $9000 to $20000 on average. Aluminum can cost $15000 to $28000. Tin Shingles can be $17000-$25000. Zinc material can have an expense of $30000-$47000. Copper material can be around $35000 to $68000. Metal roofing depends on the materials you prefer. The price will vary. We have just stated an average of some common materials.

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Roof replacement Birmingham

Then there is a Flat Roof, which uses an underlying layer and a top layer coating. This type of roof can cost a bit more than pitched shingle roofs. Flat roofs require a membrane setup to drain water and keep the house safe. The costing ranges in terms of the size of the housing. Replacing the cost of a flat roof can be around $15000 on average.

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Is it better to repair or replace a roof?

It depends on the condition of your roof. If the damage is minimal, it can be repaired. If the issues persist and need frequent repairing. Then it is best to go for a replacement.

Does insurance pay for a new roof?

Keep in mind that not everything is covered by insurance. Basic homeowner insurance will have your back if the damage is too severe and is caused by weather hazards like storms or lightning.

If the complications are for example wear and tear, then insurance will not have it covered. Insurance can also pay for roofs that are destroyed due to vandalism or fire hazard.

How do I get insurance to pay for a new roof?

The first thing to do is know about the policies of the insurance. Know what will be covered and what not.

Secondly, you can document the events if possible. Then show the proof to back up your claim. Remember you must claim something that abides by the policy. To be more strong on your claims, you can have a professional roofer’s statement and show it to the insurance provider.

Provide an estimate to the insurance agency and let them cross-check the cost. It’s a matter of time, if everything goes right, you will be paid for a new roof. Roofers Birmingham can help you to identify roof problems, fix them, help with insurance schemes and all sorts of things.

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