The best way to mend any kind of wear and tear on the roof surface is to go for roof repair. Repair work is necessary to keep your housing safe. If there is a leak on the surface, it will seep in and damage your beautiful house. The roof damage must be curbed and the best way to deal with them is by repairing them.

Roof repair can limit your expenses of a complete roof replacement and give you better protection. Repair work can be complex. It has to be dealt with carefully and with precise knowledge on repairing tasks, otherwise, it will be costly as a new roof. This is where Roofers Birmingham can help you with their premium service.

Different Roofing Services Cost

Roof repairing expenses can vary depending on the type of work being done on different roofing issues including small repairs, storm damage repair, roofing material etc.

Roof Leak Repair Services in Birmingham AL

We have expertise in almost every type of roofing including Asphalt ShingleFlatMetal and Cedar Shake. We are also known as the best Birmingham roofers for our high quality at a fair price.

In Shingle Roofing, replacing or repairing shingles can cost $150 to $250. If the work needs to be done under the surface layer of the roof, the cost may bump up. Damaged components under the outer layers need to be addressed and worked on accordingly. It can cost you $1500 to $4000. 

If the Asphalt shingle is damaged, for example, a 10×10 foot shingle work can cost $500 to $1500 depending on the condition and measurements. 

Wooden shingles can get ruined due to critters and other insects. To repair such roof damage it takes about $500-$1200.

Single-ply roofs can get caught by water seeping on them. The sealing layers must be taken care of, for it, the charge can be around $400 to $1300.

Metal roofs are intricate, there can be loose ends on fasteners, dents, improper seam adjustment. To fix such metal roofing problems the cost is around $500 to $2000 on average.

Slate roofs are expensive and use tiles and other materials. These components can get displaced, the screws can loosen up leaving gaps for water to flow inside the layers. Fixing this issue is costly, around $500 to $2500. 

Flat roofs are more like to leak due to the fact that water does not drain as quickly compare to other roofing systems. Roof leaks are the least expensive to repair averaging between $200 to $600 depending on the roof damage & cost of quality roofing materials required to fix it.

Chimney damage can be fixed with $700 to $1000 depending on the structural damage. 

There are numerous types of roof repairs available. Call Roofers Birmingham as one of the top roofing contractors in the Birmingham area and we will inspect what needs to be repaired and give you a free estimate of the roofing job. Our quality workmanship makes sure you can have the fix within your budget.

Birmingham Roof Repair Services

You will be surprised to know all the different ways your roof can be impaired. Take a breather, let Roofers Birmingham do the hard work for you. Our skilled workers are there to determine all the underlying problems and provide a fix.

Sealing Roof Leaks

Roof leaks are common and they tend to appear with age. It is inevitable and can happen to any roof type, no matter if it’s expensive or cheap. What the circumstances, Roofers Birmingham can repair the leaks and keep your house from unwanted water sapping the integrity of your house. 

Chimney, Flashing Pipe Repair

There are cases where people complain about their chimneys and pies having leaks or something that causes them to malfunction. We Roofers Birmingham are the experts of scouring such problems and believe in quality work.

Repairing Shingles 

Loose ends can make a shingle go out of place. Damaged shingles will make your roofing appear weak and fall short in terms of protection. Better hurry and let us help you to repair the impaired shingles. 

Fixing Fascia/wind-related Damages 

The fascia can take a hit during heavy winds or storms. Your house structure can be in jeopardy during different weather phenomena. Winds or rain can shatter, blow out parts of your house. Roofers Birmingham can lend you a helping hand and make sure everything stands out just as new. 

Fixing Ventilation

Roof vents are critical in terms of keeping your house warm or cool during changing temperatures. The internal comfort can be ruined due to improper or damaged vents. Roofers Birmingham excels in fixing such issues with great service.  

Roofers Birmingham- Roofing Contractors Birmingham al

These are a few of the many services we offer. Give us a call at (205) 791-5070, we will go to your place for roof inspections and let you know what needs to be done. As an expert in the roofing industry for more than a decade, we’ve been helping the house & business owners in the Birmingham area with all kinds of roofing solutions.

Emergency Roof Repair Birmingham- FAQs

Can a leaking roof be repaired?

Absolutely! With the correct process, a leaking roof can be sealed. First, the water source must be controlled then according to it, vents must be worked out, shingles might need a change as well. Don’t worry, Roofers Birmingham has expertise on roof leaks.  

How much should roof repair cost?

Roof repair cost varies depending on what needs to be fixed. It depends on a lot of factors. We have discussed many different repair costs above. Minor repairs can run from $150 to $1500. Major repairs can cost you 1500 to 8000 dollars or even more.

Are leaking roofs covered by insurance?

All kinds of leaks including residential & commercial roofing will be backed by your insurance. You should check the insurance policy first. Most companies will cover the cost of leaks that happen due to natural incidents like wind, storms, or any unwanted weather phenomenon.