Roof Repair Cost Estimator – Everything You Should Know

Roof Repair Cost Estimator

Roofs get partially damaged after a certain time due to overloading, weathering, and many more reasons. Most of the time, the existing roofing issue can be fixed by following some easy steps. So, why don’t you keep a clear idea on the roof repair cost estimator?

The cost of repairing the roof is dependent on some factors. First, you need to observe the damage and then, try to understand the exact reason. It’s the job of the professionals but you can get an idea about the overall expenses on your own. Along with determining the roof type and size, you need to determine the labor cost.

However, there are varieties of roofing materials to make your roof look like a new one. Spending a lot of money on the materials isn’t a wise move. Find a suitable roofing shingle type according to your budget and then, contact professionals to replace it. 

What Determines the Cost of Repairing Your Roof? 

The cost of repairing your roof depends on some factors. Let’s get introduced to the top five factors of the roof repairing cost estimator. 

1. Roof Type

There are both high and low pitch roofs available. They need different roofing materials and also a dissimilar amount. Some dedicated roof types require huge materials and labor. If you work with inexperienced workers, your dedicated type roof may get more damaged.

2. Size of the Roof

The higher the square feet of the roof, the higher is the price. A bigger roof size requires more construction materials and investment. Shingles for repairing roofs are sold at different prices per square foot. So, the size of the roof is combined with the type of roofing material. 

3. Regional Permission Cost

Most local authorities provide permission for repairing the roof of the house. To get the permission, homeowners need to pay a fixed amount of charge. The cost of permission to repair the roof depends on the living area, roof size, and others. 

4. Presence of Skylights and Chimneys

Chimneys and skylights are valuable elements to repair the roof. Despite using other necessary accessories, the experts discourage the use of skylights and chimneys. Moreover, the labor cost will be extremely high if these elements are applied in roof repairing. 

5. Damage by Water

If the water has already been affected intensely, roof repairing is mandatory. This incident can be determined perfectly only by removing the shingles and checking carefully. However, fixing the damage due to water may be difficult and it’ll cost you a lot of money. 

Types of Roofing and Their Costs

Here you’ll get a clear concept of the cost of different types of roofing.

Serial NumberRoofing Shingle TypeCost per 100 square feetGrand total approximate cost
01Aluminum shingles$315$15,500 to $28,000
02Metal shingles$1250 and below$500 to $15,000
03Copper roofing$1400 to $2200$23,000 to $48,000
04Clay tiles$725 to $1000$24,000 to $50,000
05Concrete tiles$325 to $550$20,000 to $42,000
06Rubber shingles$400 to $825$9200 to $14,850
07Slate tiles$750 to $1588$25,000 to $50,000
08Solar shingles$2425$60,000 to $75,000
09Steel shingles$335$15,000 to $25,000
10Corrugated steel$180 and below$10,500 to $19,500
11Asphalt 3 tab$100$5000 to $12,500
12Asphalt architectural$150$12,450 to $15,785

However, at this stage, you’ll be introduced to different roofing types along with their repairing cost. 

1. Wood Shingle Roof

For luxurious homes, wood shingle roofs are popular. These wood shingles come with a perfect-shaped cut. They’re devoid of a rustic look and highly usable in western countries. To install a wood shingle roof, the approximate cost is around $4.25 to $9.50 per square foot. They can be used for more than 15 years. 

2. Wood Shake Roof

Wood shake roofs are kind of hand-made wood shingles because they’re made of cedar. This wood shake roof is made of old trees aged between 200-300 years. They’re different from general wood shingle roofs because of their rustic appearance. The approximate cost of installing a wood shake roof per square foot is $6 to $10. You can expect a service of about 30 years from a wood shake roof. The lifetime can be increased by proper maintenance easily. 

3. Solar Shingle

The most modern solar shingle is slightly costly. They require to spend around $21 to $25 per square foot. But, solar roofing shingles are effective for producing electricity for your home. You can install different roofing shingles along with the solar shingle at a time.  The expected life of a solar shingle is 20-25 years. If you have any high electrical activity inside your house, then going for the solar shingle is the best move. 

4. Slate Tile Roof Shingle

A slate tile roof shingle is a kind of stone shingle. Their heavy but thin construction along with the attractive outlook fits with the house of any region. You’ll need to spend an average of $8 to $14 per square foot to install slate tile roof shingle. This type of shingle is slightly difficult to install. You can expect a lifespan of at least 60 years from the slate tile roof shingle. The proper care can extend the lifespan up to 150 years easily. 

5. Clay Tile

Earthen clays are the core material of clay tile. Despite their special manufacturing process, they’re cheaper than other roofing shingles. Installing clay tiles per square feet requires around $10 to $18. The glossy finish with the reddish-orange color makes them attractive to the viewers. 

6. Concrete Tile

Concrete tile is cheaper than clay tile and easily usable instead of clay tile. They’re molded from standard sand-mix concrete and colored like real concrete. In the high wind regions, concrete tile is the suggested pick for better output. Approximately, a lifetime of 50 years can be received from this type of roofing shingle. However, they cost around $9 to $12 per square foot to be installed. 

7. Rubber Shingle

Rubber shingle is one of the cheapest roofing shingles as well as effective. They aren’t long-lasting enough as they can last up to 20 years on average. But, they cost around $4 to $8.25 per square foot. Moreover, they require less maintenance and look good enough. 

8. Metal Shingles( Aluminum, Copper, Steel)

Metal shingles are stylish and cost an average amount of money. There are different types of metal like aluminum, copper, steel, and others. Despite the metal build, they’re durable in the long run (75-100 years). You’ll need to spend on average $5.25 to $12.50 per square foot for metal shingles. 

9. 3 Tab Asphalt Shingle

The 3 tab asphalt shingle is the most affordable roofing shingle. Among 3-tab asphalt, fiberglass asphalt, and architectural asphalt, the first one is more popular. Their organic-mat paper base and thin body make them likable to all. This budget-friendly shingle costs $0.8 to $1.5 per square foot of your roof. You can expect a lifespan of up to 20 years from the 3 tab asphalt shingle. 

Membrane Roofing

Membrane roofing costs around $3 to $4 per square foot to be installed on your roof. Due to huge variations, you can pick your desired choice easily. Some mentionable types are:

  • Neoprene
  • EPDM
  • PVC
  • Chlorinated Polyethylene and chlorosulfonated polyethylene sheets
  • Polymer-modified bitumens

This type of roofing shingle is usable even after two decades. Despite the low price, this shingle can last up to 20-35 years without any major complications. 


This section will answer some common questions related to roof repair costs. 

What is the average price for a roof repair?

Repairing the roof ranges between $150 to $1500 in an average estimation. Depending on the material type, size of the roof, and labor, the price will vary. The national average cost for a roof repair is $950. If your roof has any major damage or water problem, you’ll need to invest some extra money.

How do you estimate a roofing job?

There are some easy steps to estimate a roofing job. The first thing that should be considered is the roof size. After that, you need to fix a worthy material for your roofing job. The labor cost will be added to the approximate calculation at the last stage. Add all the sums and that’s how you can estimate a roofing job.

Is a leaky roof covered by insurance?

This fact depends on your insurance policy. Most insurance companies cover general roof leaks and other minor problems. If your roof comes with a complicated problem, perhaps, the insurance won’t cover it. Instead, you need to take the necessary steps from your pocket. 

What is the hourly rate of a roof repair?

The hourly rate of a roof repair depends on the roofing type, labor number, and the things to repair. However, the approximate hourly rate of a roof repair is $45 to $75 per hour. There are roofing professionals, various companies who come with their price rates. 


Roof repairing is a lengthy process and requires professional consultation. But, before taking any steps about your roofing problem, observe the problem first. This action will help you to understand a roof repair cost estimator. If your roof is almost collapsed, it’s mandatory to replace it.

There is a chance that the roof is partially damaged. Then, changing the roof shingle or performing a minor repair task can bring you a solution. Now, you know the factors behind the roof repairing task. If your roof is small, cursed with a minor issue, then you need to spend a little money. 

You’ve already got an idea about different types of roof shingles. They’re useful for various purposes as well as they’re different in price. The approximate cost per square foot is depicted here for your convenience of calculation. It’s suggested to take the recommendation of the roofing experts before installing new roof shingles on your roof. Call Us Today (205) 791 5070 to get a Free Estimate.

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