How To Fix Common Gutter Problems

How To Fix Common Gutter Problems

You can’t deny the role of a gutter to dispose of unnecessary water. But, it turns into trouble when it appears with some disgusting problems. Like most homeowners, you may not know how to fix common gutter problems. 

Knowing about the top five gutter problems and their quick solution may help you then. Once you’re uncareful about caring for your gutters, your property may get damaged slowly. So, it’s time to find out the problem along with the exact solution. 

5 Common Gutter Problems and their Solutions

Let’s get introduced to how to fix common gutter problems and their solutions.

1. Gutter Leak

Due to a loose fastener, a gutter may arise with the leak problem. Besides, minor cracks or little holes can disrupt the natural water flow of the gutter. The water will pour down from the middle of your gutters. As a result, the surface will be extremely slippery.


  • First, find the exact defective place of your gutter. If it’s a loose fastener issue, tighten it using a screwdriver.
  • In case of a cracking issue, you need to conceal the place. 
  • Perhaps, installing a new gutter may be required if it’s extremely damaged.

2. Gutter Clogging Issue

Gutter clogs due to debris come from airflow, rain, and natural disasters. The natural water flow gets cramped when there is the presence of extreme debris. Most often, dry leaves create this clogging issue.


  • Clean the debris with gutter cleaning tools carefully
  • Run regular cleaning programs on holidays
  • Use the gutter net to prevent it from clogging by debris

3. Partially Damaged Gutter

Rough weather may hamper any part of your gutter. A natural disaster like an earthquake can also damage the stability of the gutter. Whatever the reason is, a partially damaged gutter can’t pass the water properly. 


  • Replacing a new gutter is the best solution here.

4. Faulty Slope

The most significant functioning of the overall system is the gutter slope. Positioning it inappropriately hinders the flow of water. A sharply slanted slope can’t even work at its highest capacity. 


  • Fix the position of the faulty slope
  • Slope the gutter in 1/2th-inch per 20 feet of gutters

5. Plant Growth in the Gutter

The presence of seeds, bird droppings, etc. leads the gutter to grow plants. And the plants keep growing day by day and the water flow of the gutter decreases slowly. 


  • Keep the gutter clean regularly

Resolving gutter problems may require investing some money. If you continuously keep ignoring the problems, you’ll face bigger problems later. Gutters may have a few more problems and may need an immediate solution. 

However, common gutter problems are easy to fix and require professional engagements for better results. If you’re unable to find the exact problem, then feel free to contact us. We’re promised to make your gutter as new as the first day of installation. 

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