How to Choose the Right Color Metal Roof: 9 Helpful Tips

How to Choose the Right Color Metal Roof

If you have already cherry-picked the type and style of your metal roof, now it’s time to decide on what color to choose for the metals. This can be a daunting task if you are someone who gets confused easily. Even for straight heads, it is important to know how to choose the right metal roof color.

Metal roofs come in different shapes and sizes, similarly, it has a wide spectrum of color choice. The aim is to enhance the beauty of your home and therefore whatever you pick is very crucial. This is why Roofers Birmingham is here with a complete guide to color aesthetics. Read through to know more.

How to Choose the Right Color Metal Roof

You can simply ask your contractor to provide a color book and you can pick in any color you like. Well, this is what we don’t advise you to do. You will need the color chart, but later. Before that, you will have to deal with a few basics to make the final color pop up. 

1. Complementary Color Features Surrounding Your Property

We are sure that your house is not isolated being alone standing structure. Even if your building is far from city life and a chaotic environment, you are likely to be surrounded by nature and others. No matter where you have erected the house.

Before applying colors, it’s a must that you look at the surroundings first. Take for example the landscapes around you. The nearby buildings, hills, mountains, trees, and so on. You must come up with a cohesive outlook on the top, that matches well with the building color scheme and the nearby sceneries. 

2. Fascia, Trims, Windows and Downspouts

It’s not just the building color scheme that you need to consider compared to the roof. Other external parts of the structure play a vital role such as the windows, doors, gutters, downspouts, fascia, and trims. Observing the colors of this structure will make things easier for you.

Keep a tab of these colors and find the contrasting colors. Don’t go overboard trying to contrast one element to another. Keep it simple on the color scheme of your roof, just make sure it goes well with the nearby exteriors. 

3. Dark-colored Roofs vs Light-colored Roofs

It is a vital topic to sit on a debate when it comes to roof colors. Dark-colored roofs and light-colored roofs both come with advantages and disadvantages. Dark colors can be eye-catching but there are some drawbacks as they can warm up the surface faster than you expect them to. LIght colored roofs can be pleasing to the eye as well and have a good resale value in longer runs.

More and more people are opting for lighter hues such as cream, white, light greys. Light colors are energy efficient because it reflects light and keep heat away from entering the interior. Saving you a dime on the cooling materials. Dark colors like black, brown, tan, grey are also amongst the top picks as it looks more stylish compared to lighter colors. It can complement better with the surroundings and make your building top look unique. 

4. Colors will Look Different Depending on the Time of Day

The basics of any color are that it looks different with varying lights. It is also the case in metal roof colors. No matter the color you prefer, it might look different during the afternoon sunlight. Colors may emit glares and look different from the original hue. It is advised to take the demo color sample on a recce and see the light change on your own by exposing it to different lighting conditions.

During the day colors can be bright and reflective. It’s better to have a matte finish to avoid visual abnormalities. During the evening low light, a roof can look somber. Don’t worry this color change is just a visual perception.

5. Neighbourhood Trends

You don’t want to be clowning around with roof colors in your neighborhood. You have to be delicate about your surroundings and the nearby houses. Suppose most of the neighboring homes have a light shade color on the roof and exterior. Then will you be going overboard by coloring your roof with vivid colors? Yes, you can! There is no cemented rule.

You can prefer any color you like. But it’s best to match up the environment and go with light color. As it will complement the overall landscape. That being said it’s up to your choice and if you want to stand out from society, you can. Metal roofing Birmingham offers consultations from professionals who are masters of the color code. They will guide you to get the best color for your metal roof.

6. Abide by HOA (Homeowners Association)

If you reside somewhere that falls under the jurisdiction of the homeowners association then you might have to follow some rules and regulations. There could be a set of rules regarding the roofing materials. If they don’t allow metal roofs you won’t be able to install one. If the authority permits metal roofing, then you should also check what colors are in their logbook.

Always go for the approved colors set by HOA, otherwise, you might have to strip off the metal paint for no reason. It is not as easy as it looks. HOA has different roofing covenants in different areas. Check your local authorities before purchasing the roofing necessaries. 

7. Geographical Location Influence

It is crucial that you match your environment otherwise your roof will look out of sync and visually mundane. For example, if you reside close to the desert land, then match the sand tone and pick a color accordingly. Don’t go for the sand color literally. You can pick the likes of a matte finish, terracotta, Black ore matte, bronze, ash grey, rusted prints, and much more. 

If you dwell close to the beach, the best way is to go with vivid colors or metallic shades. Take for example Slate blue, copper prints, Regal red, aged patina, and similar hues. If you live close to greenery, lots of trees, and bushes, then go for earthy shades. For example, you can opt for a charcoal grey, classic green, burnished slate, medium bronze, and such. The reason to go matching the geographic location is to make your house look tidy and elegant amid everything. 

8. Architecture Style

You don’t pick the color of your metal roofs randomly. There has to be a reason behind everything. A good reason is the architecture of the building. Picking colors according to the architecture is the best way to go about it. In the new age, people are erecting sleek and stylish buildings and have a distinctive color code.

Just look at modern architecture, you will observe more housings with darker shades on the roofs and might have a matte finish to it. Recreational farmhouses on the other hand mostly have white roofs. As a change, you may observe almond, dark greys or vintage colors. Greek architecture has a selective palette when it comes to roofing, mostly blue or whites are preferred. Lighter colors that make the place lighten up. Spanish architecture is more about the clayish look. Such as Terracotta, rusted paints, etc. 

9. Energy Efficiency

Believe it or not, colors play a major role in saving energy. If you live in an area that endures severe heat. Then it’s better to go by light colors such as white, light grey. What it does is reflect the heat and keep the house cooler. As the housing interior remains cool, you will be using the air conditioner less frequently, saving energy. Lighter color roofing materials help to curb down your electricity bills. 

For dark-colored roofs, it works the opposite way. Darker colors like, black, dark brown, deep grey will absorb heat and your housing is likely to be warmer inside. It’s better to have darker roofs in a low-temperature zone. It will seep the sunlight and keep the interior warm and snug. 

Choosing the Best Siding Colors

Sidings are the most intricate part of the exterior of the building. It not only covers your home but also makes your living place stand out. We say it is the overall essence of your building’s outlook. To match it up with all the exterior elements, selecting the ideal color can be a complex task.

There are a few pointers that you must keep in mind before selecting the siding color. The architecture of your home is important as we already mentioned in the roofing section. For siding, you need to do the same. Contemporary house designs can have muted shades to make them look beautiful. For eg. Beige, Taupe, Cream, Gray, etc. Traditional structures go well with grey tones. Adobe buildings (organic materials) are better suited with earthy tones like brown, clay, and all. Modern colonial designs are best complemented with white color.

These are just basic color theories but in reality, many things need to be figured out before applying the colored sides. Roofers Birmingham Al is a renowned contractor that can help you crack the color codes.

Final Notes

Roof color is an integral part of house building. If you have read the write-up you now have a clear picture of how to choose the right metal roof color. There are many aspects you will have to consider before cementing your color choice. The environment, neighbors, landscapes, exterior elements of your house, and HOA regulations are what you need to look after.

Roofers Birmingham Al is your go-to contractor for metal roofing needs. Call Roofers Birmingham for a thorough appraisal of your property and free consultations related to color and roof jobs. We are here to help and paint your dreams. 

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