Commercial roofing Birmingham al

The main purpose of a roof is to protect the structure of the building. It is part of the construction that is on the upper part and shields the house. Residential Roofs and Commercial Roofs serve the same purpose, but there is a difference in structural quality and materials in commercial roofs.

Commercial Roofs are made with TVC, EPDM, TPO, BUR membrane, Modified Bitumen roofing, Green roofing, and such. Roofers Birmingham is a roofing specialist, your reliable contractor for all kinds of roofing needs. Having top of the line technology and competence, we are one of the best in the business. Roofers Birmingham provide all kinds of roof repair and roof replacement for commercial, residential to industrial use.

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Why Roofers Birmingham?

Roofers Birmingham have been mending and crafting roofs for years. Our extensive experience is what makes us stand out in terms of roofing jobs. Roofers Birmingham mastery and dexterity in roofing service are second to none.

Free on-site Evaluations and Estimate: The most important aspect of any construction is proper evaluation. Pre Evaluation of the site is a must to ensure a project’s future. Roofers Birmingham will wholeheartedly provide a free on-site evaluation. We investigate every bit and piece of the location and come up with solutions to what needs to be done. We will look into every detail and dig out viable possibilities for our clients. Roofers Birmingham will also run an estimate of the overall project cost and inform you of all possible expenses. We do it for free, that’s right! Before moving into actual work, it’s important to inspect every little detail out there.

Ensure Quality that You Can Trust: Roofers Birmingham have successfully roofed numerous housing and commercial spaces. Our clientele is vast and growing fast. We have considerable experience in the line of roof work. The employees of Roofers Birmingham are effective workhorses. We have cherry-picked top hands and masterminds from all over the world. Our communication skill is what we take pride in. We know the value of a building structure and what it can mean to a person. Therefore we give our all, with full dedication. Everything we do, we maintain the highest quality possible. In terms of quality of work, you will never be disappointed with Roofers Birmingham. You can rely on Us.

Tailor-made for You: If you are looking for contractors, we strongly believe that we are the one for you. We are resilient and adaptable to any type of roofing work. If you have the most complex idea or the most intricate house design, give us a knock. We will sincerely oblige to it and give your building structure the best possible roof shape. We are good at communicating with our partners and work accordingly as they desire. Quality is something that we never compromise. We are the best you got.

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Commercial roofing Birmingham al

Warranty Repair & Service: Construction is mostly a one time work and no contractors or builders come back to mend things if anything goes wrong. This is not the case if you hire Roofers Birmingham. We care about what we do. If we work on your project, we ensure a top-notch outcome no matter what. On top of that, we assure assistance through thick and thin, even after the work is done.

Roofers Birmingham provide a warranty on repairs and new replacements. For any kind of unwanted damages or roof-related issues, we have your back at all times. We strongly back our work, thus assuring warranty in case of any adversity.

Commercial roofing Birmingham al

New Roof Construction: We build roofs from scratch. Apart from replacements and repairs, we are also formidable when it comes to constructing a room from the start. We will strip down everything and come up with new designs if you will or simply lay new bricks for your new house.

Our professional team will have meetings with you where we will discuss your vision and what you want. Or master workers will provide you with workable options, designs, layouts, estimates, etc. Once you agree to it, we will put pen to paper and start working. Roofers Birmingham have successfully built numerous custom made roofs for our valuable clients. We are looking forward to giving your idea a proper structure as well.

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Roof Replacement: The top of the building endures a lot of challenges and wears over time. You might find water seeping into the interior of your household sooner or later. Most of the owners and contractors will go for repairs in such cases. The severity of the damage could be such that basic repairs might not work things out and you might end up with a dilemma all over again.

With Roofers Birmingham, you will get a thorough checkup of the system. If we find loopholes that cannot be fixed, we will provide a full roof replacement. We are one of the finest roofing contractors to provide unparalleled roof replacement.

Roof Repair: Your roof taking hits and getting damaged is a common sight. Most roofs will have to be repaired sooner than later. It depends on the weather hazard and other anomalies. Your building could be in trouble if not repaired in time. This is where Roofers Birmingham come in. We have every necessary gear and equipment for the perfect repair of your roofs. We are capable of fixing all kinds of roof impairment. If you are worried about water leaks, holes, missing tiles or anything else. Just give us a call and let us work our repair magic.

Roof Maintenance: You must protect your housing at all costs. Taking care of the roof is vital and it needs to be done to ensure the longevity of your house. It’s not just about washing the outer surface. You have to beware of the debris piling up. You should also look for leaks and breaks on the surface. Extermination of water from the roof is also necessary for maintenance. Here at Roofers Birmingham, we provide an efficient gutter cleaning service. We deal with any paint issues, leaks, impairments, debris, moulds and mildews formation. We make sure all the excess water is taken out systematically. 

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Roofing Materials

TPO Roofing System: Roofers Birmingham provide state of the art single-ply roofing membrane thermoplastic polyolefin materials for commercial roofing. It is a cost-effective solution that is super productive as well. Commercial building owners opt for energy-efficient and heat-reflective solutions for shielding their rooftop. This can be achieved through a TPO roofing system and Roofers Birmingham can install such units for you. We have top of the line single membrane materials that can withstand UV rays, chemical exposures and all. Safeguard your commercial roof with a TPO system. Give us a call, we will have it installed in no time.

EPDM Roofing System: If you want something that is economical but has the utmost endurance. EPDM roofing can be a good choice for commercial roofs. It is made of a sturdy rubber membrane (Ethylene Propylene diene monomer), also known as a rubber roof or flat roof.

How good is a rubber roof? We assure you that they are one of the most functional materials for rooftops. What’s good about the EPDM roofing system is that it is less expensive, the expenses are lower in terms of repair. It is ozone resistant, energy-efficient. For example, black EPDMs absorb heat and are good for cold regions, similarly, white ones resist heat and keep the housing cool. EPDM roofs are wind resistant, fire resistant and have a longer life cycle. 

Commercial roofing Birmingham al

PVC Roofing System: PVC Roofing is one of the most common commercial roofing materials. It is hard-wearing and potent in terms of resisting UV rays, water, chemicals and heavy wind. Made of polyvinyl chloride and polyester reinforcement that can be adhered to and put into place. Roofers Birmingham ensure proper fitting of the PVC materials on your roof. The insulation along with the PVC membrane will give you the best protection from unwanted weather hazards. If you are looking for a superior rooftop, we can help you with the PVC roofing system at an affordable price.

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