Commercial Roof Punctures: Causes and Prevention

Commercial Roof Punctures Causes and Prevention

Commercial roofs are typically flat which can be old-style or modified single ply. Usually, commercial roofs are bigger and made of concrete, modified bitumen, TPO, PVC, EPDM, etc. Also used asphalt shingles or concrete tiles based on the weather condition. 

But nothing lasts forever, they may be damaged and need to be repaired. Commercial roofs may puncture after a few years. 

What is a Roof Puncture?

The roof puncture means the damage of the roof anyhow. It may happen because of heavy weight, pressure, or weather conditions. Most generally, they create holes in the commercial roof material and destroy the roof gradually.

Roof Punctures: What Causes Them ?

But what are the reasons and how to prevent commercial roof punctures? Well, several reasons are responsible for commercial roof punctures. Have a look-

Tree Damage

Commercial roof puncture may occur if a whole tree or branch falls on the roof anyhow. It usually happens in hostile weather. Or rotten trees fall on your roof. That causes extra pressure on the roof and damages it.

Wrong Materials

For commercial rooftops, specific materials are used like EPDM, TPO, PVC, Acrylic coatings, blocks of cement, etc. You failed to choose the appropriate materials, which will lead to extreme damage to your roof. 

Roof Installations

It is a vital cause of commercial roof puncture but many of us aren’t even concerned about it. If your roof installation wasn’t properly, it will gradually lead to punctures as well. If you aren’t careful during installing the commercial gadgets, rooftop heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), TV antennas, etc, they will puncture your roof after a few years.


Make sure there are no unnecessary holes on the roof. Otherwise, the small holes will create heavy damage to the roof. During the rainy season, these holes will cause commercial roof leaks and damage the roof. 

Additionally, if water is stuck on the roof for a long time, the roof will start to damage.

Foot Traffic

If you constantly walk on the roof, it’s a strong reason for commercial roof puncturing. As the foot traffic falls on the roof, also your weight breaks the shingle of the materials. Similarity walking may tear the roof membrane. 

Accidental Tool Drops

This is also a reason for commercial roof damage. If anyone carries sharp or heavy equipment and an accident falls on the roof, that will cause a puncture of the roof. 

Strong Winds

Strong winds are also responsible for roof punctures. Because heavy winds break down the bond of the roof. That makes loose joints and screws. Similarly, tear off the section of the commercial roof. 


Many of us take care of our pets on the rooftop. Also, some animals enjoy the rooftop. The birds, cats, dogs, raccoons may chew. That may cause damage to the roof membrane. 

If they jump constantly on the weak part of the roof, that will be a reason for roof damage. 

Leaf and Algae

If you don’t clean the tree leaves regularly, they will be damaged and make spots on the roof. Again if you don’t rub the algae, they will be responsible for commercial roof damage. 

How to Prevent Commercial Roof Punctures

Some reasons for commercial roof puncture are unavoidable. But if you are concerned about it, you can successfully prevent roof punctures. 

However, you can follow the following things to prevent commercial roof punctures-

  • Select the appropriate construction materials
  • Materials should be durable and stable against hostile weather
  • Install the commercial roof properly
  • Hire professional commercial rooftop installers
  • Setup the roof gadgets carefully
  • Lock the unnecessary holes created during the installation purpose
  • Try to minimize roof traffic 
  • Clean the roof regularly
  • Discharge the water from the roof
  • Keep the roof dry
  • Make sure tree leaves, and algae are not stuck for a long time
  • Maintain the animals as they can’t damage the weak section of the roof
  • Repair the rooftop every year

A well-maintained commercial roof will experience fewer damages. As prevention is better than cure, you need to take care of your commercial roof to avoid puncturing. 

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