9 Common Commercial Roof Problems

Commercial Roof Problems

If you’re thinking about installing a commercial roof, then you need to think about the commercial roof problems also. Or you already have, you must experience some common commercial roof problems. Besides planning and constructing a commercial roof, you need to be concerned about the upcoming problems as well. Nothing is free from limitation, Commercial roofs also. Even if you follow all the guidelines and install an excellent commercial roof, you may also face several problems after a certain time.

So if you are aware of them and maintain the roof properly, that will reduce your hassle to deal with the problems. But what are the most common commercial roof problems? At first, you should know them to identify and repair them. Let’s have a look –

9 Common Commercial Roof Problems

1. Lack of Maintenance

Lack of maintenance is the most common commercial roof problem. If you don’t inspect the roof or fail to do necessary repairs, then small to large problems may be found on the roof. For example, a little tree branch fell on the roof and you weren’t concerned about it. After a few months, that will cause a major problem with the roof.

Again, after testing the PVC membrane, you need to remove and apply new coats. But if you add an extra finish on the old one, that will cause damage to your roof. However, falling leaves for a long time also creates problems for the commercial rooftop. So Commercial roof repair is crucial to keep it up to date.

2. Improper Roofing Materials

Commercial roofs are made of specific materials for long time durability and stability. Usually, Corrugated galvanized steel, Aluminum, Copper, zinc, PVC, etc are used to construct commercial roofs. Also, you should be concerned about the type and size of the roof. For example, a restaurant rooftop should be made of PVC materials. So, it can deal with the animal fats and grease produced by the restaurant.

However you use an EPDM membrane, that will break down for hit and damage for oils and fats. Choosing the wrong material will cause commercial roof problems. You must be concerned about the construction material during making the roof to avoid commercial roof issues. 

3. Standing Water

Another common roofing problem is stacking water on the roof for a long time. If the roof has enough water drainage systems or doesn’t clean them, that will be a major cause of commercial roof problems. Stuck water will cause algae as well as rust on the roof. Also responsible for roof leakage. In order to avoid these problems, you should drain the standing water regularly. 

4. Damaged Flashing and Pitch Pans

Damage flashing and pitch pans are the common issues that create commercial roof problems. If the roof is made of metal materials, flashing may happen. Sometimes, the contraction or expansion of the construction metal material will cause damage to flashing.

Again, the unnecessary holes may lead to water leakage and breaking down the joints. The pipes and chimneys leakage is also responsible for creating roof damage. So far, terminated flashing is also a cause of commercial roof problems. Improperly terminated flashing can also allow water to get in under your roof.

5. Punctures

Commercial roof punctures are an unavoidable and most occurring problem. The punctures may happen for various reasons. For example, falling heavy tree branches leads to rooftop damage. Also, if you don’t drain water during the rainy season, that will cause commercial roof punctures. If you install a roof in improper ways that will also lead to roof punctures. Much foot traffic will cause a decreasing roof membrane. Also, strong winds, Strome, wildlife, etc are sources of commercial rooftop puncturing. 

6. Poor Installation

If you don’t install the roof in a proper way that will be responsible for roofing problems. The commercial rooftop must be durable and stable. Starting from the rooftop design, choosing the materials, and hiring professional services is vital for installing the roof properly. If you aren’t concerned about these factors or skip one of them somehow, you will suffer in the long run. 

Poor installation will create major problems that are not repairable sometimes. You need to reinstall the whole roof again. That is a total waste of money and time. Make sure the installation is perfect according to your requirements. Also, accessories are placed properly, have enough water draining system, and lock the unnecessary holes. Overall installing is perfect not only for sights but also internally. Also, offer the facility easy repair and reconstruction if needed.

7. Surface Erosion

Surface erosion has occurred on the commercial roof for a variety of weather. As the roof is pelt by the rain and hailstorm then baked by the hot sun. For this reason, the roof may have experienced weathering or cracking. Also falling heavy and sharp equipment on the roof sometimes leads to cracking on it. If the cracking is too much, the repair isn’t possible all that time. You need to replace and reinstall the roof again. 

8. Blow-Offs

Blow-offs occur if the roof doesn’t recur properly during construction. The single-ply commercial roof mostly faced this problem. It happens when the heavy wind hits the roof continuously. The constant winds pull the weak joints of the roof and damage the roof badly. You need to be more careful during the material selection as well as the construction of the roof.

9. Old Age

It’s quite natural to be damaged after a certain period. Even the most quality materials commercial roofs have a limited lifespan. The roof got damaged after several years. If you don’t repair the problems immediately or don’t take off the roof regularly, the roof will damage after a few years or even a few months. 

Proper repairing and maintenance can keep the roof up to date for long years. But with time, the roof will get old. And you need to do major repairs or complete a new installment.

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