Benefits of Metal Roofing in Birmingham AL

Benefits of Metal Roofing

There are many reasons why you should go for metal roofing. Let’s check out some benefits that you will get out of it.

Benefits of Metal Roofing

1. Eco-Efficiency

Metal roofs are environmentally friendly. Recycled metal materials such as aluminum and others, further add to the positives. You will find most metal roofing materials that are recyclable even after it has been used to their final limit. On the other hand, traditional asphalt shingles are a by-product of refining crude oil that requires replacement every 15-20 yearsAnother good thing is that the surface will reflect all the heat and rays from the sun, keeping your interior cooler than ever.

2. Energy Efficiency

Generally metal roofs are energy efficient that reflect solar radiant heat instead of absorbing it keeping your interior cooler than ever. Metal panels reduce the cooling costs by 10- 25 percent year-round especially in the summer season.

3. Safe from Fire

Metal roofs are the safest in terms of fire hazards. Take metal shake roofs for example. They can withstand heat and fire for your safety.

4. Low Maintenance

Unlike orthodox shingle roofs, metal roofs are easy to take care of. It does not require much to look after that hardly deteriorates and thus your repair cost is cut out. All you need to do is basic cleaning when you find debris piling up. By using a water supply through a hose, you can effectively clean the surface.

5. Durability

Metals don’t crack or corrode, unlike other materials. Check the galvalume steel roofs, they can overcome difficulties at will and last better.

6. Durability

What’s the most important aspect of a good roof? As for us, a roof must be able to overcome all kinds of hassles and be durable enough to work through everything. Almost all metal roofing will be able to shield you from extreme wind, storms, rain, etc. It can take hits and not bend or crack anytime soon unlike other components. Roofers Birmingham ensures durable options for their customers.

7. Longevity

Asphalt roofing can last up to 20 years on average. Whereas, metal roofs have a lifespan of 50 to 70 years. You have seen it right Metal roofs offer longevity, longer than you can imagine. The materials used are such that they will withstand all kinds of weather, such as rain, heavy wind, and all known hazards. It shields you from heat and keeps you cool and safe inside the housing. Roofers Birmingham offers an extensive warranty so you don’t have to worry about its lasting ability.

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